Lauryn Hill at Radio City: NY 2.25.17

So I went to Lauryn Hill’s show over the past weekend at Radio City, as part of the MLH Caravan tour. Despite hearing about her horrible reputation for showing up excessively late to shows, I’d never seen her live and was curious to see her in concert. 

I meet my friend at the venue in time for the show, which was scheduled to start at 7:30. I tried to be optimistic & hope her show would start right after the multiple opening acts scheduled. There were 3 acts unknown to me that each had a 30 minute set. 

I totally forgot that the rapper Common was also on the bill as a guest. It’s my second time seeing him as an opening act, the first time, he was opening up for Jill Scott at the same venue. He did his thing with high energy, and saved what would’ve been an unbearable wait. 

To make a long story short, Lauryn didn’t disappoint in keeping folks waiting. She didn’t appear onstage until just before 11PM. And that was after her band came onstage & began playing 15 minutes earlier. 

Lauryn performed most of her hits from her Miseducation album, some Fugees tunes and a couple of Sade tracks. Even Common made a brief appearance back onstage to do a duet. Lauryn put on a good show once she finally got there, did a full 1.5 hours onstage. I would’ve enjoyed the show more had she started about 2 hours earlier than she did. 

My friend and I were amazed at how so many people in the audience seemed to just take the hours long wait in stride. The lesbian couple next to us who had obviously been to Lauryn’s previous shows brushed it off commenting she’s always late. I suspect the open bar had a lot to do with keeping folks happy during all that time. Glad I had the chance to finally see her live but unless she produces an album of new music, or magically score some free tickets, I won’t be back anytime soon. 

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